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IEC" Garment label manufacturer, also manufactures ,Cardboard Labels - Hangtags, Laser Cut Labels & Badges, Plastic Labels, Printed, Plastic,Embossed Labels to specification for a large number of leading retailers and brands. As well as producing individual woven label collections, that are created for you as a total marketing solution.
"IEC" is serving for a long time in this sector with its experienced and qualified staff. For  our references please click

Do you want to increase the perceived quality of your product at relatively little cost? Then why not look at "IEC"’s woven label portfolio?

"IEC" Labels and Printed Labels, are a range of high quality products with items to suit all budgets and application requirements.

Used for brand identification or product decoration, woven labels are an excellent way of emphasising product quality and creating elevated product differentiation.

"IEC" has a reputation for producing high quality labels for some of the most recognised fashion and sporting brands throughout the world.

The Type of The Labels

Woven Labels:
Woven Labels are the best choices. There are four main types in woven labels:
Taffetas, Satin , Damask, Semi-Damask.
1. Satin is really pretty , original but thin and can tear easily.It has glossy surface and dim back.
2. Taffeta is more endurable than satin.It’s made from silk or syntetic fabrics.However the satin and the tafffetas easy to stiff , leading to the spiny feeling labels are famous for.
3. Semi-damask is the mid choice of the label it has many qualities.
4. Damask is the tightest weave fabric and it’ really soft. It's a top choice when quality is a top choice for the seamstress. Damask reflects style and comfort with best finish.


Why "IEC" Label Manufacturer?
- We take your satisfaction as our main goal.
- We render our service with high technology for our customers
- In the sampling and pro-production process, all the products are examined by the quality control tests.
- Our energetic and expert staff is ready to help you at anytime you need.
- The dispatch is always on time.
- We make right investment at right time.
- We follow closely the sector and its developments.
- We give big importance on the education of our staff.
- All materials are recyclable and ecological.
- IEC in an owner of Ecotex certificate.

None of the
"IEC" products contain any of hazardous materials for human health and the environment.

Planning Department
In the Planning department, we follow your orders until the dispatch time.
This department is responsible for every step beginning from the production to the quality control.

Marketing Department
Label is mainly used in textile products but also could be used in shoe, bag, home textile, leather equipments and decoration areas.

Customer representatives cooperate with the clients to ensure their demands as is by sharing their experiences.

Pattern Department

In the pattern department which is considered the head of the production; required procedure for weaving such as designing and texturing, are prepared by expert designers.

After an intensive work the samples sent in
"IEC " prepared and presented to the confirmation of the customer. The intensive work continues until this confirmation is obtained.

Pattern works are prepared by using Mucad software

Mucad is %100 suitable with the production machines and also is generally preferred due to its easy usage in designing and texturing.

We can work at the same time in 5 different units. This advantage helps us to work harder to response your request.

Woven Label Manufacturing Department
"IEC" has 10 jakard weaving loom named Airjet (exported from Sweden)
What is Air-jet?
Air-jet weaving machines use bursts of air to blow the weft thread through the shed. After the weft thread has been inserted through the shed, the upper and lower warp thread sets can then be exchanged, capturing the weft thread in a woven fashion. This process is repeated over and over to create fabric of a desired length.
Technical Infromation:
Average Weaving Machines : 500 cyc/min
Air-Jet Weaving Machines : 1200 cyc/min.
So Air-Jet Machines are still the fastest weaving machines of the world.

Yarn department
The main material of Yarn plays big role in the process of the production. Yarn is one of the components determining the quality and profit of the product.

Only the materials which have passed the world wide quality control tests, could be used in IEC products.

Despite this careful examination, every Yarn have to pass an additional test of iron, oil, color, shrinking test to get access to the depots. IEC always returns the materials which are not convenient to our norms.

Finishing Department
Cutting, Laser cutting, Kola Apre, Ultra-sonic cutting
in this department after being weaved and as a tape, label is cut and fold by high-technology machines. After this process only procedure for the customers to arrange, is to fix the label on the product.

Woven labels are an integral part of many garments and "IEC" recognises the importance of this product group in the brand identification process.

Fabric labels are a versatile and cost effective means of product and brand identification. They can be used to portray various technical details such as legislative information and variable data, whilst also being used to promote brand image.

Fabric labels no longer have to signify plain white labels as "IEC" have a vast range of materials, print methods and finishes available to create a fabric label which has the quality and image you desire.

For example why not have a printed theme in the background to allow the consumer to identify an individual range within a brand? Or why not also use the care label as a button holder?

Furthermore "IEC" also provide a flexible approach to fabric label manufacture as we can either produce the product for you.

Trade Mark ( Country)

Hences & Maurits ( sweden)
Bestseller ( Denmark)
Vero Moda
pj Salvage ( USA)
Zara  ( spain)
Debenhams (u.k)
Top Shop ( u.k)
Campione Textile Gmbh ( Germany)
Claudio Campinone
Celio ( France)
Polo Garage ( Turkey)
Y.London  ( Turkey)
Mc Gregor ( Nederland)
Index ( Spain)
B-Young ( DE)
Brandtex (DE)
The Children Place (USA)



For more information about labels and wholesale price list,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

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